Are you a contemplative leader, business owner or professional who’s going through a

time of great transition

in your professional or personal life? Or maybe you’re not in transition, but simply feeling restless with how you perform and are perceived. If how you are investing your time and energy does not resonate deep within your core being it is most likely time to re-evaluate. Metamorphosis Coaching would be a great fit for you.

Are you committed to making transformational shifts in your career, in your life and within your environment

to find your FIRE?

If the answer is YES to one or more of these questions, then congratulations you have already taken the first mental step and you are ready for the next one...

Let's Connect
Genena Armstrong, ICF-Certified Professional Coach

Genena specializes in mindset and mindfulness. Her coaching practice is a mix of leadership coaching, career coaching, personal development and many years of successfully morphing from maintaining life to fully embracing her passion and purpose for life – these are the critical ingredients for powerful results.

Life patterns often get in the way of people attracting and making clearer career and life decisions. It’s easier to recognize the missed opportunities in retrospect than to see the potential from a lens mindfulness, presence and future-state.  This is called the valley of deep regret and unfulfillment.

There’s a space of convergence where your self-perception, career and life desires intersect that holds unlimited potential…that’s what Genena will focus on. She’s here to help you recognize, configure and unleash your “whole self” – maybe for the very first time ever you will embrace the Authentic You!

Genena has a passion for listening and for providing essential coaching tips to help others establish clarity of purpose and focused action.

Corinne FSenior Vice President

Genena has recently become my professional advisor and confidant. In my role as a director, she has provided me both strategic and leadership guidance, including organizational awareness [attitudes, politics, and networks within my organization]; development opportunity, ensuring my goals align with system strategy and expected outcomes, and an evaluation of my growth over the last several months. Genena demonstrates an impressive broad strategic skill set, with a unique ability to ask penetrating questions, enabling my improvement in aforementioned areas. I have become a better leader and my team has become more successful due to Genena's influence.

Shannon C.Director

While leading both the Corporate and Client Specific Learning teams at Caliber Home Loans, I had the privilege of working alongside Genena. Genena is not only highly educated in NLP, but highly passionate for assisting her clients. She has a sweet spot for women and emerging executive leaders. She puts to use her NLP methods coaching leadership in mindfulness and executive presence. She digs deep to uncover barriers to success and was consistently praised for assisting her leaders with identifying strengths and career goals. She onboarded and coached numerous leaders while working with Caliber. I consider myself the lucky one to have worked with Genena!

Jennifer H.Director, Talent Management

Genena was a pleasure to work with. She provided valuable guidance and exercises in our one-on-one sessions to help me seek the best outcomes for my team and business. She is a professional who invests her heart into what she does. I highly recommend her services.

Laura C.Health & Wellness Consultant

I saw firsthand Genena’s work product and had the chance to really know her personally. Her functional expertise is obvious for HR and Diversity initiatives. What stands her apart, is her exceptional interpersonal effectiveness at all levels of an organization, both internally and externally with our clients. She would add a degree of “spark” to any organization.


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