Genena Armstrong, ACC, SPHR

ICF-certified professional coach specializing in mindset and mindfulness.

Before launching my coaching practice, I worked with Fortune 100 companies across various industries as a Human Resources professional in the areas of HR.

Transformation, Diversity, Inclusion and Talent Harvesting. My extended experience includes executive and career coaching, talent acquisition, community development and organizational engagement.

I extract my quarter of a century experience and infuse those key learnings  with my coaching clients every day. My firsthand, experiential journey is what also helps me and my clients to understand, connect and collaborate with each other in a very powerful way.

I am authentically myself as I teach others to be so as well. My life is full of value-rich opportunities to live my best life and serve others.  I am re-married and proud to be part of a blended family.  My husband is a Pastor and Global Spiritual teacher for which we share the inspiring dream of being world-changers.

Like you, I wear many hats. I’m a mother. Step-mother. Wife. Life student. Godmother. Author. Daughter. Sister. Friend.

I’ve been fruitfully employed, laid off, unemployed, and raised in poverty. I’ve cared for an ill parent and ultimately experienced the loss of a parent, all of which define our perceptions, resistance, resilience and aspirations.

I’ve been a stay-at-home parent, a parent who works part time, a full-time working parent, and a CEO of my own company.

I want you to embrace all that you are, too. Let’s create a plan that makes sense for your life, your career, your present stage and the future YOU. Are you ready?