Genena is an Amazon #1 Best Selling Author and is the co-author of two published books.  Stay tuned for her upcoming blog and soon to be written novel in 2019!  You can find both resources on or any book seller.

Breaking Barriers: A Woman's Toolkit for Success

A must-read book for women who wish to break barriers in their personal or professional lives. Topics involve Bravery and Boundaries, Stop Pushing My Buttons!, Passion and Perseverence, The Power of Femininity, Barriers: Are They Obstacles or Opportunities?, An Emotional Hostage No More!, and more! Authors by 31 international coaches, consultants and experts including Angie Schultz, Janet Christensen, Andrea Foy, Linda Rose Mongell, Margo Love, BarBara Crawford, Tonya Sheridan, Janice Riley, Tonya Sheridan, Jenny Chardonneau, Rehna Azim, Dr. Kym Harris,Dana Pepper Carpenter, Natasha Aburdurham Black, Dr. Heather Clark, Dr. Betty Patterson Shadrick, Dawn Campbell,Dr. Donna Marie Thompson, Liz Stover, Peggi Peaslee, Genena Woodson, Norma Richardson, Laura Swope, LaToya L. Trowers, Dr. Veronica Eddy, Barbara Cormack, Mary Romero, Charlene Esaw, Cheryl Hall, Michele McLeskey, Mala Shah, and Lynn Anderson. A must for every woman’s personal library!

Bravely She Flies

Inspired by the many stories of resilience, Bravely She Flies was born. Giving women an opportunity to voice and share their stories in their own words and in their own time. Penning personal and real resiliency experiences as a public form of expression to acknowledge, appreciate, forgive and learn while sharing and connecting. It is our dream to inspire others to join us in a movement and to bravely become authors of their own chapters in many more Bravely She Flies to come.